Montreal's Prince-Arthur Street Will Be Completely Transformed

Check out both possible scenarios.
Montreal's Prince-Arthur Street Will Be Completely Transformed

I live in the plateau and I'm always heart-broken when I'm near prince Arthur. You walk by and it just looks like some random alley. You're greeted by the sight of a Cafe Depot that's been abandoned since last winter.  You venture deeper and you find empty restaurants you've never heard of. It's really sad when you consider how busy and popular the area used to be.

Well it looks as though things are about to change. Because the city of Montreal has unveiled its new plan to revitalize Prince Arthur. 

There are 2 proposed scenarios for the set-up.

The first scenario wanted to take work around the fact that for a huge part of the day, half the street is sunny while the other half in the shade as seen here:

So the idea is to put all the terrasses, pop-up shops and benches in the middle with pedestrian walkways on either side. That way both pedestrians and restaurant patrons can have the option of being in the sun or shade.

Here's what it would look like:

The second scenario definitely looks more original but in reality it offers no new advantages and it might cause a few problems.

As you can see the zig-zag looks cool but why would you funnel people like that? This scenario only works if the street stays as empty as it is now. Maybe that's their plan. If the street looks smaller then it will look less abandoned.

I really hope they choose scenario 1.


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