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Montreal's Public Pianos Will Be Played By Professional Musicians All At The Same Time Today

Ebony and ivory in harmony all throughout the city.
Montreal's Public Pianos Will Be Played By Professional Musicians All At The Same Time Today

Photo cred - JoKodak

Today, Montreal will become a city unified through song and piano playing. At midday, a Montreal musician will sit down at one of the city's public pianos and begin playing the same tune at the same time for a massive city-wide serenade.

Promptly at noon your ears will be treated to artists playing “Tout le monde en meme temps” by Louis-Jean Cormier (listen here), which is a very fitting song choice if we may say so. After the unified performance, many artists will give a special outdoor performance of their own, so be sure to stick around.

Organized by the borough leaders of Plateau Mont-Royal, the event will have musicians performing at a large number, but not all, of the public pianos around the city. Here is the list of locations and artists, retrieved from the FB event page:

  • Laurier metro/Place du Coteau-Saint-Louis w/ Le Dup Fortin-Poirier and Julien Leblond (map)
  • Mont-Royal/Henri-Julien w/Olivier Hébert-Bouchard and l’équipe des Jeunesses Musicales du Canada (map)
  • Parc des Amériques (St. Lo and Rachel) w/ Mark Berube (map)
  • St. Denis/Duluth, w/Martin Lizotte (map)
  • Canadian Centre for Architecture (in Parc Baile), artist TBA (map)
  • Maison de le Culture Pointe-aux-Trembles w/ Ghislaine Giroux (map)
  • Saint-Charles Parish w/ Moon Palace ensemble (map)
  • Terrasse of the Pierrefond Cultural Centre, w/ Alejandra Cifuentes Diaz (map)
  • McCord Museum in the Urban Forest, w/ Jason Bajada (map)
  • Masson/3rd Avenue w/ Emma Johns (map)
  • Plaza St. Hubert  w/ Sonum Arte (map)
  • 5290 ch. de la Côte-des-Neiges (map) + Monkland/Oxford (map) w/ Clay and Friends + public jam session
  • Mount Royal Chalet w/ Benoit Paradis Trio (map)
  • Guy/Maisonneuve w/ Janet Warrington (map)
  • Parc de l'Espoir w/ Eric Charland (map)
  • Parc Beaudet (Decarie and du College) w/ Alejandra Cifuentes and Tatian Dvorianskaya (map)
  • Laurier/Duroucher w/Nino Deram (map)

No one will be filming this musical event, so if you make it out to your borough's respective piano, take a video for documentation. We're sure Plateau Mont-Royal leaders will be happy to receive and compile them.

For any and all updates on Montreal's city-wide piano playing event, head to the FB event page here.

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