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Montreal's Quartier Des Spectacles Gets 8 All-New Digital Art Column Screens

New cool signs for summer time.
Montreal's Quartier Des Spectacles Gets 8 All-New Digital Art Column Screens

Photo Cred - ScreenMediaDaily

Expect to see new forms of in-your-face advertisement in Quartier des Spectacles. Astral Out-of-Home, a division of Bell media, has just launched a new network of digital ad-columns inside of Montreal's festival and cultural hub, meaning more ads for everyone to see...for better or worse.

Created by Michel Dallaire (whose credits include the design for BIXI and the torch for the '76 Olympics) the modern advertisements are officially designated as a "digital out-of-home (DOOH) network." Essentially, they are eight digitized advertisement pillars that are lit-up and showcase more dynamic media than your standard poster.

7 standard backlit ad-posts will be set up as well, making the entire new network add up to a total of 14 columns.

Obviously the new DOOH network is a boon to advertisers, as they now have a direct route into the minds of the many tourists and Montrealers who regularly frequent Quartier des Spectacles, especially during summer festival season.

On the up side, the DOOH network will also be used by the city of Montreal to spread the word on Montreal's local artistic talent and upcoming cultural events. More ads in your face isn't the best, but at least Montreal's artist will benefit from the new signs.

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