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Montreal's Quartier Des Spectacles To Be Transformed Into A First Nations Village

Immerse yourself in culture.
Montreal's Quartier Des Spectacles To Be Transformed Into A First Nations Village

This is it, my friends. We are currently in the home stretch of summer months. August is arriving at rapid speed, and before you know it - poof, its gone and September has arrived.

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With that said, it's in your best interest to get out and take advantage of all the wonderful things Montreal has to offer during the remaining weeks of summer.  August is packed with awesome things to do around the city.

For example, The Quartier Des Spectacles continues to be the spot to attend free shows and events all throughout the summer, but there is one week-long event that is totally worth checking out.

The First People's Festival will be held from August 7th - August 15th and will include food, cinematography, concerts, poetry readings, and much, much more.

The FREE event aims to teach and celebrate the cultures of Canada's First Peoples, and the Quartier Des Spectacles will be transformed into a stunning glowing "first nations village." Definitely worth stopping by.

Via Terresenvues

Via Terresenvues

Everything you need to know!

What: First People's Festival
When: August 7th - Agust 15th
Where: Places Des Arts // Quartier Des Spectacles

Check out their official Facebook page HERE for more information!

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