Montreal's Quartier Des Spectacles To Be Transformed Into A First Nations Village At The End Of July

Photo cred - Natively

Listen, learn, taste, and experience the diverse culture of Canada and North America's first inhabitants with the celebration that is Montreal's First Peoples Festival. To begin at the end of July 'til August 5th, Montreal's First Peoples Festival will offer a unique, active, and (most important) entertaining experience of aboriginal culture, and like we always love, it's totally free.

Focusing on American aboriginal music, movies, art, and history, the First Peoples Festival will be a mish-mash of many events, each offering a different insight into the traditions of the continent's first inhabitants. Various venues will be used throughout the festival (depending on the event) but most of the festivities will be held at Quartier des Spectacles.

Some pretty sweet festival-offerings to look forward to are 40+ movie screenings by Aboriginal filmmakers, 5 separate concerts (4 of which are outdoors and free), an entire kiosk devoted to Amerindian cusine, along with a bunch of different daily events. Check out the full program schedule here.

The 24th edition of Montreal's First People's Festival begins on Wednesday July 30th and will end on Tuesday, August 5th. To learn more, head to the official website and check out the FB page too.

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