Montreal's Quartier Des Spectacles To Be Transformed Into A First Nations Village This Summer

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Montreal's Quartier Des Spectacles To Be Transformed Into A First Nations Village This Summer

Well, friends, summer is so close I'm pretty sure we can almost reach out and grab it.

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Was that a weird analogy? Probably. But my point here is that we're super close to a whole summer full of good vibes, beautiful weather, and super fun events!

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Events like the Montreal First Peoples's Festival, for example.

This super fun fest takes place annually in Montreal's Quartier Des Spectacles. This year, it's going down on August 2 - 9.

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The event aims to teach and celebrate the cultures of Canada's First Peoples. 

There'll be events, good, cinematography, concerts, poetry readings, and much, much more.

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Plus, Quartier Des Spectacles itself will transform into a highkey gorgeous "First Nations village".

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Sounds like the most fun ever? You know it does! For more information on this event, check out the Quartier Des Spectacles' website right here.

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