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Montreal’s Quartier Des Spectacles Will Be Transformed Into An "Open Air Club" This July

The biggest outdoor party the city has ever seen.
Montreal’s Quartier Des Spectacles Will Be Transformed Into An "Open Air Club" This July

Let me ask you guys a question: when I say Just For Laughs, what do you think of?

Hilarious comedy shows? One of Montreal's most famous summer festivals? A straight-up awesome time?

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Chances are, friends, it's all of the above. One thing you probably don't think of, though, is a huge open-air outdoor after party going down in the centre of all the action, by the name of Melting Pot.

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Melting Pot Block Party is probably one of the most fun things to come out of the Just For Laughs fest, other than the actual festival itself.

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Going down on July 15 - 30 at Place Des Arts (175 Saint-Catherine St), this totally free event is the official afterparty of Just For Laughs. Basically, Melting Pot is going to be turning Place Des Arts into a huge open-air nightclub, transforming the area into a haven for anyone and everyone who loves to have fun!

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This must-attend event will of course include an on-site bar with cocktails and beers, as well as food from a handful of Montreal's best restaurateurs. 

Other than some awesome food, drinks, and vibes, though, you can also expect unique themed events every night (like their 90s Vibes Soiree going down on), and iconic, special musical guests, like Grandmaster Flash and Fatman Scoop.

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You can check out the full lineup of musical guests and events for 2017's Melting Pot right here:

July 15 - 10 PM

Official launch of the Melting Pot Block Party

Ft. Michael Brun, Paris&Simo, Donald Lauture

Come celebrate Day 1 of this not-to-be-missed outdoor celebration, featuring different music genres (like electro, hip-hop, funk, and more!), food, drinks, and dancing until the wee hours of the morning.

July 16 - 10 PM

Juste Pour Smash

Ft. Mike Larry

July 17 - 10 PM


Ft. Nicola Torriero

July 18 - 10 PM

All One

Ft. DMA, Young Troy et B.Cliff, Maestro Omayela, MONTANA

Hip hop and trap lovers, rejoice: this night features hip hop/trap artists, plus a whole lot of good vibes.

July 19 - 10 PM

Official Just For Laughs 35th anniversary party

July 20 - 10 PM

Homegrown Harvest presents:

Ft. Alix Alvarez, Jalil b2b Chicaiza, Moses Bélanger

July 21 - 10 PM

Ft. Grandmaster Flash & DJ Shortcut

This night is all about legend Grandmaster Flash and DJ Shortcut, stars of Netflix's The Get Down. Expect sick beats, and a sick time!

July 22 - 10 PM

Olé! Night

With the Tumbao Collective

July 23 - 10 PM

La Mal Nécessaire presents:

Drunken Master

Pitting the best bartenders in the city against one another, 30 Montreal bartenders will make 5 cocktails as quickly as possible to see who is the true Drunken Master of Montreal.

July 24 - 8 PM

Beachclub Presents:

The launch of the Midway Group Agency

July 24 - 11 PM

Bord’elle Presents:

The official Just For Laughs Hotel And Restaurant Industry Festival

July 25 - 10 PM

'90s Vibes

Ft. Fatman Scoop

This party is one you absolutely have to check out: Fatman Scoop will be delivering the best 90s hip-hop, live for everyone vibing at the Melting Pot!

July 26 - 10 PM

Rockabilly Night

Ft. Band Rockabilly, DJ Lucky Luc

July 27 - 10 PM

Russell Peters DJ Set

Ft. DJ Keith Dean, DJ YO-C

July 29 - 10 PM

Homegrown Harvest X Raw Moments Presents

Ft. Paolo Rocco, Lessi.s, Pijynman

July 30 - 10 PM

Just For Laughs Staff Party

Ft. Collectiff Mess Around & ASMA

For closing night, Melting Pot is throwing a huge party for the Just For Laughs Staff, and you're invited to come and dance right along with them!

via @meltingpotblockparty

Honestly, this sounds like one of the most fun ways to chill, party, have a beer with friends, and celebrate Montreal (and Just For Laughs, of course!) this summer.

For more information and details about the Melting Pot Block Party, check out their Facebook and official website!