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Montreal's "Rainbow Balls" On Sainte-Catherine Are Officially Being Taken Down

What's going to take its place next year?
Montreal's "Rainbow Balls" On Sainte-Catherine Are Officially Being Taken Down

The iconic "Rainbow Balls" on Sainte-Catherine Street in Montreal are a pretty huge part of the city's more recent history. Providing a canopy for the street that's largely closed off to vehicles during the warmer months of the year, tourists come from around the world just to take a photo with the gorgeous display.

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TL;DR Sainte-Catherine's famous "Rainbow Balls" have officially been taken down for the season. 2019 will be the last year to see the famous installation. The road will most likely be opening up to vehicles later this week.

It's been known since the beginning of summer that this year would be the last for the festive balls. The reason being that the landscape architect who's been in charge of the installation since 2011 believes it's time for someone else's work to take the spotlight. 

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Until the time comes for the colourful balls to be tucked away for eternity, we've been thoroughly enjoying the last days of summer and spending time on the pedestrian-filled street.

Unfortunately, I have some bad news. As I was walking home yesterday afternoon, which requires me to pass by Sainte-Catherine, I discovered what we've all been dreading to see.

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Yes, the city is officially taking down the "Rainbow Balls." By now, most of them are already gone. The street will be open to cars again most likely by the end of the week.

Not only does the reopening of Sainte-Catherine officially mark that winter is near for Montrealers, but it also means the penultimate end of the rainbow balls.

Time to say goodbye to any future instagram photos under the fun canopy, created to celebrate pride in the heart of Montreal's Gay Village.

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So, after nine years of the iconic balls hanging above us on one of Montreal's busiest streets, what's next? No one really knows right now, but it's safe to say whatever replaces the "Rainbow Balls" we all know and love will have to be over-the-top incredible.

Who knows, maybe some change is good and the new installation will blow us away. All we have to do is wait until spring 2020 to find out.


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