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Montreal's Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie Borough Is Invaded By Wild Turkeys

Montreal seems to be having some issues with wildlife. 

There's been plenty of commotion surrounding the wild coyote being spotted around town and from those opposed to the city hiring a trapper to remove or kill the wild animal.

Now, it would seem like turkey are taking their turn in the spotlight. 

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Montreal's  Rosemont—La Petite-Patrie area has been reporting wild turkey running amuck in the area. They are reassuring residents of the area that the large birds pose no real threat and that you should stop reporting sightings to 311. 

If you spot one that seems to be injured, though, please make a call to the SPCA

Locals in the Montreal borough have been posting wild turkey in their area for weeks now. 

@denismartin.qcembedded via  

Wild turkey sightings are far from limited to Montreal. A quick search on social media shows many turkeys running around Quebec, as a whole. 

There was a whole crew of em outside a building in Saint-Sauveur, QC... it almost looks as though they are protesting! 

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Barbara Frei, the director of the McGill Bird Observatory, notes that the wild turkey population is on the rise in Quebec ever since they were introduced in the early 2000's, and their numbers continue to grow. 

Still, turkeys are often shy, docile animals that don't interact with humans too much. If they do, most of the time it's because the animal does not differentiate between a human and a turkey, and they may wanna show off how "tough" they are.

Frei also notes that the wild birds could become aggressive if they feel cornered or threatened.

If you see one, its best to leave it be. Don't engage. Don't feed it... and all will be fine!

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