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Montreal's Saint Catherine Street Is Hosting A Free "Glitter Clothing Swap" Today

New clothes at zero charge.
Montreal's Saint Catherine Street Is Hosting A Free "Glitter Clothing Swap" Today

Photo cred - heystephster

Need some new threads but don't want to fork over a bunch of money? You're in luck, because you can get yourself an entirely new wardrobe this afternoon for the price of free-ninety-nine, thanks to the Early Fun Clothing Swap being held at RATS 9 (map) on Sainte Catherine street.

Entirely free, the clothing swap will simultaneously let you get rid of old clothes you've been hanging on to while also getting some new threads. Swap a shirt for a skirt, pants for a scarf, or anything you like really.

Glitter, paint, and plenty of bedazzling will be a big part of the clothing swap, with a pro bedazzler on-site to jazz up whatever you may find. Adding some flair to your clothes is never a bad thing, and since it's all free, you don't really need to worry if you're "ruining" anything, not that bedazzling has ever gone wrong. Ever.

For all the details on the glitter-tastic Early Fun Clothing Swap, head to the Facebook event page here.

Many thanks to CultMTL for pointing out this cool event, you can read what else they've got lined up for your weekend here.

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