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Montreal's Saint-Catherine Street Should Hold A "Running Of The Bulls" Event

A no bullsh*t event of epic proportions.
Montreal's Saint-Catherine Street Should Hold A "Running Of The Bulls" Event

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Intense, exciting, and a little crazy, the Spanish tradition of the "Running of the Bulls" is an insane event that looks as fun as it is potentially dangerous. A tradition of worldwide popularity held in Pamplona (and some other cities/villages) the infamous bull run has made its way to North America, and hopefully, eventually, to Montreal.

Chicago is the first North American city to migrate the Running of the Bulls, with the city's newly created "Great Bull Run." A slightly more tame (and humane) version of the original, Chicago's Bull run kept all the essential features, namely running with bulls. Organizers also tacked on a gigantic tomato fight, for some added fun.

So if Chicago can hold its own bull run, it got us thinking, why not Montreal? Montrealers are definitely crazy enough to participate, and the city already has a of exerpience organizing gigantic events and festivals. Bulls in the streets would be a new kind of challenge, but if Chicago can do it, Montreal most definitely has the brass to handle the event.

Imagine how epic it would be to have a full-blown bull run set up along St. Catherine, with Montrealers running down the street with horned mammals chasing after them. If St. Cats gets larger sidewalks, this would be even better, giving more room for runners and bulls alike, though we figure the whole street would be fair game.

A tall order for the city, and we're not expecting a bull run to happen next year or anything, but why not for Montreal' 375th anniversary in 2017? A milestone like that deserves an extra special (and death-defying) celebration like a bull run. We could even hold it in winter, so as to give Montrealers an extra edge over the bulls, who probably aren't accustom to snowy roads and sidewalks.

Wishful thinking on our part, but think about it for a second. A bull run is an entirely feasible event to organize (as Chicago has demonstrated), you know you would want to do it if you had the chance, and the city's residents would save a trip to Spain to have a similiar experience. Triple win.

Kudos to Thrillist and The Great Bull Run for putting the idea in our heads. Let's make it happen Montreal.

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