Montreal's Saint-Catherine Street To Get Considerably Larger Sidewalks

More space = a better place.
Montreal's Saint-Catherine Street To Get Considerably Larger Sidewalks

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Pedestrians will be very pleased to hear that St. Catherine street is going to get a lot more walking space. Sorry drivers and cyclists, but this Montreal makeover is all about the folks on two feet.

Projet Saint Catherine Ouest is polling Montrealers on how they want the street to be built, with four different conceptions showcased on the project's website. Each project has minor differences, with increased pedestrian space the common feature among all four.

Here's the basic breakdown of the four different conceptions proposed for St. Catherine street:

• Option A: Two-Way Street (2 traffic lanes per direction to improve public transportation around

the clock)

• Option B: Enlarged Sidewalk (more pedestrian space, one-way streets)

• Option C: Maximized Sidewalks (street parking sacrificed for much larger sidewalks)

• Option D: Street w/Multifunctional Spaces (flexible layout depending on context + season)

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No matter which project wins out, rest assured more pedestrian space will be created on St. Cats, as the president of the executive committee Pierre Desrochers promised Journal Metro.

See a more in-depth look at the 4 proposed projects and offer your own comments at the Projet Saint Catherine Ouest website here.


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