Montreal's Saint-Denis Street Is "Dead"

Sadly, you won't believe your eyes.
Montreal's Saint-Denis Street Is "Dead"

Whenever Montreal's streets are under construction, the city rushes to assure the public that businesses won't be affected.

There are measures in place to assist the businesses who lose revenue and the city also tries to make the areas look desirable despite the construction like they did with the Grande Terrasse Rouge.

But sadly that's still not always enough to stop business from closing their doors.

Anyone can see just by taking a walk down Saint-Denis street, it just looks sad and dreary.

Dead, dying, shut down and closing are all words we hear often when we hear people talking about the state of Saint-Dennis.

So we sent our photographer to take a walk down the street to give you a glimpse of what the area looks like, and he didn't have to walk very far to prove our point.

Construction stretches all the way from Avenue Duluth to rue Marie-Anne but all of these pictures taken on one single block between Marie-Anne Street and Rachel Street. 

It's so sad that all you see are signs reading: A Louer - Vente De Fermeture - Detour.

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