Montreal’s Saint-Denis Street Is Getting “Urban Chalet” Nap Pods

Prepare to get comfortable.
Montreal’s Saint-Denis Street Is Getting “Urban Chalet” Nap Pods

I've said it once and I'll say it again, summer makes everyone happier. Maybe it's the fact that you don't have to wear five layers to walk outside, the fact that terrasse season is in full bloom, or maybe it's how cute you look in your summer get up. Whatever's making you happy, it's working. 

But let's face it: with that heat wave comes way more activities. It's all fun and games until you've had one too many late night walks (stumbles) down Saint-Laurent Street, or when you're waking up from a particularly rowdy night at Apartment. After a crazy summer night, all you might want to do is... well, sleep

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Which is exactly where Le Chalet Casper comes in. What is Le Chalet Casper, you ask? Who is Casper? Basically, it's what you never knew you needed in life, and now won't be able to live without.

Le Chalet Casper is an oasis right in the heart of Montreal. This summer "chalet" is the perfect place to bring your crew to relax, boost your feed with some unreal aesthetics, and buy an obsessively engineered, outrageously comfortable mattress.

Featuring real Casper mattresses which you can try, buy and even book a real, legit nap on, Le Chalet Casper is basically like any sleep lover's paradise. From June 21 until July 22, this new retail experience will feature Casper's signature mattresses, award-winning pillows, sheets and more!

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But that's not all. Other than being the ultimate sleep station, the Le Chalet Casper will also have some of the coolest aesthetics this side of the city! It'll have miniature lodges (with mattresses inside, of course!), green grass, canoes... just like your favourite chalet to visit, but a lot more comfortable!

And the best part about all this? Buying a mattress seemed like one of those annoying "adulting" things, like taxes, until Casper entered the scene. Their famous "mattress in a box" was a hit instantly - it was crowned one of TIME Magazine's Best Invention and the company was named one of Fast Company's Most Innovative Companies in the World. Considering how fun Casper is, it makes sense they are the ones bringing you your new favourite summer chalet!

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You won't want to miss a chance to try out one of Casper's outrageously comfortable, obsessively engineered (by their in-house team) mattresses. Trust, these are legendary!

If you think buying a mattress is something that is going to put you to sleep, you've been sleeping with the wrong company. Get ready for your ultimate summer oasis, with Le Chalet Casper

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Oh, and PS? Between June 28 - July 3, you can get $125 off any purchase of $1,250 and more, or $225 off any purchase of $2,250, just by presenting the code JULY. An awesome sleep is just a dream away!

For more information on Casper and the most comfortable chalet in the city, check out their website, Facebook and Instagram pages!