Montreal’s Saint-Denis Street Transforming Into 1/2 KM Long Terrasse

Fun in the heart of city this summer.

Friends, what's the number one sign that summer has finally hit Montreal? The sweltering heat? The budding trees and green grass? The shorts?

No. None of those things scream summer in Montreal louder than public art installations, events, and beautiful, open terrasses.

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There's one spot in Montreal that combines all of these things together, making for one fantastic summer destination. And, friends, after a long, cold winter, it's finally open.

La Grande Terrasse Rouge, located on Saint-Denis street between Roy and Duluth and Marie-Anne and Mont-Royal, is finally open again for Montrealers to enjoy.

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First launched in 2015, La Grande Terrasse Rouge is basically a huge, awesome red terrasse, and the very best way to celebrate Saint-Denis Street. Not only does it beautify the whole street- and offer a respite from all the Saint-Denis construction - but there'll be tons of events, shows, games, music, and much more.

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As of this week, the installation's officially begun, and is set to run until the fall.

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