Montreal's Saint-Henri Neighbourhood Transformed Into Hollywood Movie Set

The latest TV series being shot in Montreal is Jack Ryan. It stars John  Krasinski who you probably know as Jim from the Office as well as Wendell Pierce who played Bunk is the Wire.

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And this morning, the neighborhood of St-Henri was transformed to look like a Hollywood movie set.

The windows of one shop was even plastered with a bunch of fake election posters which is bound to have confused as few passers-by this morning.  

via @keatingthewhippet

Going to be a few confused St. Henri passersby today. 😂🤔
I suspect it's for the John Krasinski TV series filming in #Montreal right now.

April 24, 2017

Spotted in St. Henri... #MarshallForGovernor #Montreal #SudOuest #JackRyan #TV

April 24, 2017