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Montreal's Saint-Hubert Plaza Is Getting A $50 Million Makeover

Construction work on Saint-Hubert Plaza’s $50 million makeover started yesterday. 

The first thing to be renovated are the glass awnings overhanging above the sidewalks along the strip of commercial spaces that comprise Saint-Hubert Plaza. 

And local businesses are already worried about how the contraction project will affect business, reports CBC

The glass marquee hanging above the commercial strip was built in 1984, and does offer customers some protection against the elements. 

Even if it’s raining or snowing in the winter, the glass acts as a shield, allowing shoppers to freely walk along St-Hubert between Bellechasse and Jean-Talon.

With the awnings removed, pedestrians may be less likely to go shopping during bad weather or when it’s snowing, fear some business owners. 

Plaza Saint Hubert is in dire need of a makeover (just look what it used to look like in the 1960s) and businesses are aware that the temporary loss in business will lead to economic gains once renovations are over. 

Glass awnings aren’t the only aspects of Saint-Hubert Plaza to get an upgrade. 

The renovation project, set to be finished by 2021, will also include new sewer and water mains, an expansion of the sidewalks, more shared public spaces with street furniture, and an overall upgrade on the commercial strip’s aesthetic. 

An artistic rendering of the final look is below. 

All of this was planned and promised early this year, with construction delayed until now. Better late than never, of course, and hopefully the ongoing makeover won’t destroy local businesses like so much other construction work in Montreal has before. 

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