Montreal's Saint-Laurent Blvd Hosting Massive FREE Block Party Concert This Week

Live art. Block parties. Amazing Food. Unmissable.
Montreal's Saint-Laurent Blvd Hosting Massive FREE Block Party Concert This Week

When summer hits, Montreal absolutely transforms. When this city shows a little sun, it's time for drinks, tunes, and some serious parties. But there is one event that absolutely owns each and every year - and that is the Mural Festival!
The Mural Festival is now in its 5th edition, and like every other year, it will be absolutely off the hook. This year,  the Mural Festival takes over St. Lawrence Boulevard from June 8th to June 18th with awesome street art installations and live murals, music, exhibitions, conferences and an art fair (for those who want to take some of the amazingness home with them!).
But this year the Mural Festival is getting EVEN BIGGER - not only is it expanding its size and heading out to Old Montreal, it’s getting louder with FOUR free kickass block parties, and the Mural Festival is open til late with over 11 epic after parties at the MURAL Art Pub. 

But what about the music? This year there will be four free-of-charge outdoor music events across two massive weekends. This year, they will be located in the main redeveloped area on St. Laurent Boulevard. This means you’ll not only be able to see the shows in the main parking lot used by MURAL - but you’re allowed to drink on St. Laurent Boulevard (between Milton and Prince Arthur). There's some serious fun to be had there!

While there are four stellar music events, we are absolutely pumped for the June 9 Block Party Kraken! It features Duchess Says, We are Wolves, Husser, Ragers & Nino Brown (+ Jessy Lanza). Hells. yes!

Okay, so there is some seriously amazing stuff going down at the Mural Festival for free - but what if you want something a little more ... VIP?
If you can get your hot little hands on a VIP pass, you get access to loads of freebies, discounts and access to areas to chillax that regular festival goers only dream of. Across the Mural Festival, you score access to heaps of the musical events, exclusive conferences, access to a VIP spot at the Block Parties, discounted drinks, get in on the guided tours and more. If you’re serious about living up the Mural Festival in style - this is how you do it.

Where is the art at? If you head to Saint-Laurent Boulevard between Sherbrooke and Mount Royal, there will be 20 new murals produced this year along Quartier des spectacles at Mile-End. And, if you swing by Old Montreal, they have loads of amazing installations and murals, including the mural art fair (FAM) at Marché Bonsecours. Pro tip: If you grab the Mural Festival app on iTunes or Google Play, it'll map out all the locations so you can get your serious art viewing on).

If you’re the type who loves amazing food along with your fresh-painted art, you will be very happy to hear that the Mural Festival will once again present the Grill Saint Laurent from June 14 - 16. This event welcomes restaurateurs from Boulevard Saint-Laurent, who will present dishes prepared on the grill (and loads of other tasty amazingness). And if it couldn't get any better - the dishes are only $5!

Festival-goers will be able to enjoy the four free block parties where music, delish food and live art will blend. When you're there, check out the evolution of the murals of Ron English, INSA and Ricardo Cavolo.

Do not miss out on the special events this year: check out the Mural Festival taking over Old Montreal, get your dance on at the Block Parties (see you at the Kraken Block Party!) and stay up late at one of the MURAL Art Pub After Parties. If you want to seriously do MURAL festival in style, grab a VIP pass and live. it. up.

See you 8 to 18 June 2017 for the Mural Festival at Boulevard Saint Laurent and in Old Montreal! RSVP to their Facebook event to get the latest news, and download their iPhone or Android apps to find the freshest art and events you do not want to miss this year!