Montreal's Saint-Laurent Street Is Hosting A "Clockwork Orange" Themed Party Tonight

Photo cred - sabswing

Anyone who has ever seen/read "A Clockwork Orange" (which you should go do right now if you haven't) will remember the Korova Milk Bar, which is probably what the Saint-Laurent bar/club is named after. The scene is infamous, as film/novel opens with Alexander the Large and his crew sipping on some milk-plus and basically looking all creepy-cool. You've no doubt imagined the awesome of being at a similar milk bar at least once, and tonight you'll have the chance, at the The Kannibalen Clockwork Orange event hosted at Le Belmont.

While you won't be able to order vellocet, synthemesc, or drencrom milks at the bar, the Kannibalen Milk-Bar will still be A Clockwork Orange-centric evening that promists to be "a night of the old ultra-violence" though we doubt any Lana Del Rey is going to be played. Beats will be provided by SNAILS, who will be joined by Black Tiger Sex Machine, Dabin, Charlie Darker and Dubspecter.

Don your bowler hats and ocular makeup tonight (as it's the only time you'll get away with wearing either after Halloween) and head to Kannibalen A Clockwork Orange Milk-Bar party at Le Belmont. Get all the details the event listing here.

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