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Montreal's Saint-Laurent Street Is Hosting A Vintage Summer Dress Sale This Weekend

It's safe to say that with spring already among us that we could all use some fresh AF summer dresses! Everyone wants to look and feel fresh in the spring and hot AF in the summer, but sometimes that comes with at a cost! Our bank accounts will suffer if we get everything at full price... especially when it comes to dresses. But, I have a simple solution and some good news for you!

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Montreal's unique Boutique called Kitsch'n Swell is hosting a huge sale on ALL summer pieces! Yes, you heard me! Give your bank account a break this year and head down to this massive sale. I guarantee that you will look A1 after you shop 'till you drop this weekend with some beautiful vintage dresses.

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Now, this deal is in store while quantities last, so you better get down to Saint-Laurent Street ASAP! This sale includes all of the hottest vintage summer looks that were just too pricey to buy at full price. 

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This sale features vintage summer dresses, accessories and many more  products such! So you can go with your BFF and upgrade your look for summer 2017! These offers are available for a limited time ( From June 8th - June 18th) and while supplies last.

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via @kitschnswellmtl

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via @kitschnswellmtl

via @kitschnswellmtl

General Information: Kitsch'n Swell


Sale At: 3972 St Laurent Blvd 

From: June 8th - June 18th

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