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Montreal's Saint-Laurent Street Terrasses To Be Cut In Half

Less summer sun seating for the last sidewalk sale.

Photo cred - Ristorante Buonanotte

St. Laurent's final sidewalk sale of summer will feature smaller terraces than ever before, as bars and restos are being forced by the Montreal Fire Department (SSIM) to reduce the capacity on their outdoor seating areas.

Close to 40 St. Laurent establishments will be affected, and on average will need to reduce their max capacity by 50%. As an example, JdM reports that Buonanotte will need to downsize from 245 seats to 151, as will McKibbin's, going from 125 to 179.

Montreal's Fire Department is cracking down on terraces due to apparent safety issues. Lenient in June, the SSIM isn't letting things slide this time around, stating that certain arrangements that happened in previous months compromised customer safety.

Only a few days away from the Mix'Arts street festival beginning on the 21st, the bars and restos forced to reduce their terrace seating are understandably pissed. So are we, because less terrace space is a bad thing.

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