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Montreal's Saint-Laurent Street To Host Day Time Dance Party At Parc Des Ameriques

Fringe, food, and music fuse into one awesome event.
Montreal's Saint-Laurent Street To Host Day Time Dance Party At Parc Des Ameriques

Every meal needs more music, so good think Lunch Beat MTL is here to bring the noise to our midday munch out. For the seventh edition of the eat-and-dance outdoor event, Lunch Beat is partnering up with the St. Ambroise Fringe Festival for a lunchtime dance party right on St. Laurent in the heart of the Plateau.

Going down at Parc des Ameriques (map) on Friday, June 20th from noon to 1:30pm, this is the Lunch Beat you simply need to attend. The intersection of St. Laurent and Rachel will have already been the hub for all things Fringe, so expect an incredibly eclectic cast of dancers and eaters. You may even get to share a bite or bust a move with your favourite performer.

Montreal DJ Poirier will be bringing the beats to this lunch, and he'll be keeping with the crazy Fringe-vibe. Known for having an incredibly varied cast of sounds, Poirier's rhythms will be sure to please everyone who makes it out to this edition of Lunch Beat MTL.

A combination of everything Montreal loves (food, music, and day drinking) Lunch Beat is a cultural experience, and we don't mean that in a pretentious way. If you've never attended, this special edition will be the best way to pop your Lunch Beat MTL cherry.

Watch a Fringe show, have some lunch, dance a bunch, what could be better?

For all details, check out the FB event page here.

Will you be at Lunch Beat MTL 7?

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