Montreal's Sainte-Catherine Street Transforming Into 1km Long Terrasse

The annual Gay Village tradition, returns!
Montreal's Sainte-Catherine Street Transforming Into 1km Long Terrasse

It may be a little early, but I just can't contain my excitement that summer is coming.

Nothing says - "It's summertime in Montreal!" - more than that moment our famous Gay Village adorns Sainte-Catherine Street with thousands of suspended balls!

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For years, Montreal's Sainte-Catherine street would be turned into a 1 KM long terrasse that stays entirely open to foot traffic with bars and patios stretching to the curb.

It's part of what puts Montreal's Gay Village on the map around the world and helps give us the biggest gaybourhood in North America.

That is a fact, by the way. We have the biggest gay village on the continent in population, concentration, and scope!

It also helps that we have some of the best drag talents in all of Canada!

Last year, the city switched it up on us and swapped the icon pink balls for a full-on Rainbow! Kind of an obvious move, but magical none-the-less. The pink balls are still very much a part of this rainbow, though! 

Once the balls go up, the road will close off to cars and the bars will roll their patios out to the street. This is the moment that truly marks the beginning of summer in Montreal. 

No, seriously. The gay village is what summertime in the city should always be like. It is unmatched! 

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The balls usually go up in early May, and they stick around all the way to September when the road opens up to cars again. 

I will, with a stupid amount of excitement, be updating this article once that special time of year is finally upon us! 

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