Montreal's SAT Is Hosting An Open Bar Mixology Competition Today

MadeWithLove will name the city's best bartender.
Montreal's SAT Is Hosting An Open Bar Mixology Competition Today

Photo credit - Imelda Vergara

On December 15th 2014, la Société des Arts Technologiques [SAT] will be hosting the 6th edition of MadeWithLove. 19 Montreal bartenders from some of the best cocktail bars will compete in the art of mixology by creating something unique, tasty, and creative! Having so many cocktail bars in Montreal, we love drinking em' but it's time to learn and appreciate the art of it.

Attendees get to taste all 19 cocktails which are included with their ticket! This is necessary and very convenient as the guests will participate by voting for their favorite one. In order to maximize the overall experience, certain bites that compliment the drinks will be offered as well and DJ Myles will be providing great music.

MadeWithLove started in Montreal in 2009 and has now hosted over 30 editions all over Canada and in Mexico since. The competition aims to make the mixology and cocktail culture accessible to all. It's a lot more than an just a contest! It's also a fun atmosphere, creative and entertaining experience for those attending.

View all details onMTL Blog Events and you can get your tickets HERE.

Congrats to all the 19 finalists this year!

La ChampagnerieJonathan Solares 

Mme. LeeAndrew Whibley 

Taverne MidwayMaxime Boivin 

ClébardBaptiste Montes 

B1 Cocktail ClubJonathan Homier 

Le Lab, Comptoir à CocktailsEddy Germain

La DistillerieHôtel W Pierre-Hugues Marois 

SpiritHouse MontréalMaxime Coubès 

Wunderbar - Geneviève Beaulieu 

Club Universitaire de Montréal (UCM)Raphaël Brière 

Huis Clos Alexandre Lefebvre 

L’Assommoir Notre-DameÉmilie Bazinet

Le 132 Bar VintageJonathan Elbaz 

La Belle et la BoeufRobert Otis 

Henri Saint-Henri Romain Cavelier 

RosewoodSamuel Turp

IkanosBenoit Bonin

Verses restaurantLeslie Taillefer

Indépendant - Mario D'Amico 

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