Montreal's Secret Downtown Free "Ice Cream Bicycle"

Grab your friends and find it this summer.
Montreal's Secret Downtown Free "Ice Cream Bicycle"

I think we all have those days lazing about in the sunshine where you’d happily hand over your first-born in exchange for someone appearing with a cold and tasty ice cream just for you, right now, no questions asked.

Amazingly, that can be a reality this summer with the help of dessert connoisseurs Juliette & Chocolat, chocolate experts and proud founders of the first ever chocolate concept bar in Montreal. This summer they're treating the whole city by riding around the streets on Montreal on their secret summer ice cream bicycle and handing out sweet treats to lucky passers-by for FREE.

The ice cream bicycle will be rolling around downtown once per week throughout July, distributing little servings of joy in the form of Juliette & Chocolat’s signature ice cream sandwiches, all for the extremely affordable price of $0!

The ice cream sandwiches come in eight different mouth-watering flavors – mocha, chocolate, caramel, vanilla, raspberry-vanilla, praline, banana-chocolate and pistachio - and come dipped in the chocolate of your choice topped off with a crunchy garnish.

For the lucky ones among you, the bicycle will also be handing out raffle tickets giving you the chance to win prizes from their partners, including 1861, le Parc du Domaine Vert, Putting Edge and SkyVenture! (Psst: every ticket is a winner!)

On top of their ice cream sandwiches, Juliette & Chocolat offer a wide range of beautifully crafted menu options, ranging from savoury meals to their wide assortment of delectable desserts. If you're as much as a baked-goods fan as an ice-cream addict, you're definitely going to want to check out the great selection of brownie recipes on their blog, curated by Juliette herself in all their lemony, chocolate and tiramisu-themed glory.

To be honest, it’s a bit late in the summer to be thinking about your bikini body anyway, so forget the scales and search out the ice cream bicycle for the sweetest deal of the summer. They’ll be posting their itinerary on social media as they go along, so you and your friends can strategize to score as many sandwiches as possible.

To follow the ice cream bicycle this summer, keep an eye on Juliette & Chocolat’s news on Facebook and Twitter, or visit their website to pore over the whole menu.