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Montreal's Secret "French Café" You Literally Have To Try As Soon As Possible

Alright, so there are HUNDREDS of cafés in Montreal and they are all pretty much gorgeous, however none of them compare to this secret "French Café" that will make your Instagram game strong! This Montreal café will honestly make you feel like you walked right into a high-end coffee shop in France with its decor and gourmet delights. 

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Libertine Bakehouse is located on 806 Atwater Av, which is just a 9 minute walk from Atwater market and a 5 minute walk from Lionel Groulx Metro, thus placing it in the heart of St. Henri. They are a specialized pastry shop with an eccentric side making it truly unique and "France inspired".

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Not only is this café absolutely perfect for a cheat day, but their coffee is so fresh that it will make every morning 100 times better. Their ambiance is very calming due to its white simple decor and sweet treats that will have you buying pastries in bulk! 

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Personally, my favorite treat, which is both scrumptious and beautiful, happens to be their Apple and lingonberry tartlets that are in the form of roses! Oh, and of course their authentic croissants and smokes meat sandwiches!

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