Montreal's Secret Mount Royal Snowshoe Adventure

Discover the unknown.
Montreal's Secret Mount Royal Snowshoe Adventure

Mount Royal is an underused source of wintery fun for Montrealers. Sure, everyone knows a hike up the mountain is beyond pleasant, and that the park makes for great tobaganning, but there are tons of other adventures to be had at Mount Royal.

The City Lights Snowshoeing Excursion on Mount Royal is a prime example. Organized by les amis de la montagne, the wintery adventure promises to reveal the many secrets of Mount Royal, including unknown trails up the mountain and hidden vantage points overlooking the city only known to a few.

Throughout the journey, you'll be discovering the mysteries of the mountain on a pair of snowshoes, adding another exciting dimension to the experience. You've no doubt wondered what its like to trek it on snowshoes, and this would be the perfect setting to do so.

And if the cold is worrying any of you (which it shouldn't because this weekend will be the perfect level of warm) rest easy knowing you'll be kept toasty with some hot chocolate during the tour.

Beginning tonight and running until March 4th, the City Lights Snowshoeing Excursion hosted by les amis de la montagne leaves at la maison Smith at exactly 6pm, with the adventure lasting 1.5 hours.

Note that you will need to reserve your spot before, and pay a small fee for all the costs. To get all the info you'll need to go on a snowshoe adventure up Mount Royal, head to les amis de la montagne's website here.

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