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Montreal's Secret "Neon Alley" Will Be Lit Up On This Night Only

You have to see it.
Montreal's Secret "Neon Alley" Will Be Lit Up On This Night Only

There are a lot of special places in Montreal that are prime spots for taking photos. However, we have written about this secret (and now not so secret) alleyway tucked away behind Old Port's Flyjin before, that is one of the most Instagrammed places in the city.

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Not only is it known now for being one of the most unique and Instagramable places in town, but what makes this alleyway so special is that it's only lit up for special occasions. Because if it was lit all the time, well - now that would just become old news fast.

So - we're here to let you know that for the special occasion of Flyjin's 5th anniversary, they will be lighting up this awesome alleyway for one special night. There is even a going to be a "surprise installation" that will be unveiled that night. This small piece of information really piqued our curiosity about the event.

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For this celebration, Flyjin is also bringing in some Montreal DJs like LaurenceMatte and DJ Abeille to make sure that everyone is dancing into the night.

Here are the exact details you need to know:

Where: Flyjin, 417 Rue Saint-Pierre, Old Port

When: May 17th, 10PM

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