Montreal's Secret "Vintage Café" You Literally Have To Try As Soon As Possible

Alright, so there are HUNDREDS of cafés in Montreal and they are all pretty much gorgeous, however none of them compare to this secret "Vintage Café" that will make your Instagram game strong! This Montreal café will honestly make you feel like you walked right into an 80s coffee shop with its decor, ADORABLE teacups, and gourmet delights. 

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La Stellina is located on 178 Place du Marché-du-Nord, which is just steps away from Little Italy, thus placing it in the heart of Jean Talon Market. Their flower power decor, bright colors, detailed tiles, and cute utensils make it THE place to be for your daily morning coffees. 

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Not only is this cafe adorable on the inside, but they also have the cutest outdoor terrasse with hanging lights and flower pots. They specialize in Italian delights in order to give you the most authentic vintage European brunch! 

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La Stellina is 514% the most charming cafe in Montreal that will give you straight-up tea party vibes. From their stunning chandeliers to flower covered chairs, I guarantee that you will fall in love! Plus, it's located in Jean-Talon Market so you can pick up some fresh groceries after you relax with your fresh cup of coffee.

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