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Montreal's Sexiest Habs Fans (Vol. 2)

Go Habs Go, with selfies.

Photo cred - @amylief

Hockey season has begun, and the Canadiens have been rocking the opening of the season so much, fans can't help but show the team some love. There's no higher form of flattery than the selfie (at least to flatter oneself) and you can bet all of the pretty Habs fans have been showing their team pride by snapping pics of themselves.

Showing the Habs some love while making yourself look good doesn't isn't the most traditional way to support a team, but it works. In honour of these not-so-selfless selfie-taking hockey fans, we bring you Montreal's Sexiest Habs Fans Volume II. Bask in their beauty and remember how much you love the Habs with the pictures below.

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