Montreal's Sidewalks Will Not Be As Slippery Starting Today

Photo cred - cndwlf_66

Montreal has basically been a slip 'n slide the past couple of days, as the weekend's ice storm transformed sidewalks into pathways of slippery doom. ER visits have quadrupled in some hospitals (like the MUHC) due to icy accidents, and Montreal's mayor, Denis Coderre, has promised safe and walk-able sidewalks are a priority, reports CBC.

Taking to twitter last night, as he is wont to do, Denis Coderre told citizens that overnight snow removal crews will take extra time to throw gravel onto sidewalks to give some traction for pedestrians.

Salt would seem like the more logical fix, but apparently the temperatures have dropped so low that salt on ice isn't "effective," as city spokesperson Philippe Sabourin told the CBC. Gotta love that cold.

I don't know about all of you, but I didn't find my walk to work any easier, with sidewalks as slippery as ever. Hopefully your 'hood got graveled a bit better, because ain't nobody got time to slip, fall, and break a bone, especially when hospitals are already overrun with patients.

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