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Montreal's Société St-Jean-Baptiste Creates App To Promote French-Only Businesses

New App Fights Against English Speaking Businesses.
Montreal's Société St-Jean-Baptiste Creates App To Promote French-Only Businesses

Hate talking to customer service reps in English? Well, if you're reading this, probably not. For the hardcore Francophone, you're in luck. A new app, released by Montreal's Société St-Jean-Baptiste, highlights and promotes businesses that predominantly use French in business transactions.

The mobile app, titled "Moi, j'achète en français," will identify businesses that operate mainly in French, and also allow users to rate the businesses quality of service. President of Société St-Jean-Baptiste Mario Beaulieu hopes this app will change the frequency of English speaking in stores, as apparently 54% of customers will respond in English when addressed in English.

But will this app aid or hinder Franco- and Anglophone business alike? Establishments operating mainly in French will gain positive advertising among Francophones, but it may deter English speakers from entering. Who says Anglophones won't download the app only to find out which business they know they can't adequately communicate in? It seems that businesses using both French and English could lose profit through the app.

Think I'm wrong and the app will be an aid to Montreal's businesses? Is the app a direct attack against Anglophone customers? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source - CJAD 800 News

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