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Montreal`s Sophie Sucrée Has Sweet Gluten-Free Treats You'll Definitely Want to Eat

Cookies, cakes, and desserts that are delicious and gluten-free.
Montreal`s Sophie Sucrée Has Sweet Gluten-Free Treats You'll Definitely Want to Eat

Tacking on 'vegan' or 'gluten-free' is a very easy and uninspired way for bakeries to make their baked goods seem healthy and appeal to alternative eaters. What's refreshing about Sophie Sucrée is that despite being a largely vegan/gluten-free bakery, Sophie Sucrée doesn't feel the need to advertise as such. Instead, Sophie Sucrée lets the desserts speak for themselves, and they all say tasty, gluten-free or not.

Located on 167 des Pins, just West of St. Denis, Sophie Sucrée has a particular charm which you will note as soon as you enter. Adorably quaint, the store is kind of like a chic tea parlor, white on nearly every surface with cute tables, tea cups, and decorations adorning the walls. A very welcoming and comfortable atmosphere, Sophie Sucrée is a perfect for those just passing by who want to stumble in, take a seat, and have a cup of hot or iced tea, enjoy a freshly prepared vegan sandwich for lunch, or eat some solid sweets.

As noted, Sophie Sucrée's dessert repertoire is largely vegan and gluten free, aside from certain items like the fan favourite cinnamon buns, a dense and biscuit-like roll which would pair very nicely with a cup of coffee. Other great tea or coffee pairings would be Sophie Sucrée's Ginger Cookie, entirely vegan and gluten free. The bakery's newest creation, a Brown Sugar Spice Cake with Caramelized Peaches also fits into the great-for-tea-time category. A fusion of Fall and Summer flavours, the cake is very moist and sweet, leaning almost into toffee pudding cake territory.

Chocolate, however, seems to be where Sophie Sucrée truly shines. Their offered vegan brownie, with caramel and candied hazelnuts, is a top-seller, and for good reason. A great balance of rich chocolate and nutty sweetness, one wouldn't even be able to tell its vegan. And trust me, I conducted the experiment and my subject was none the wiser.

Sophie Sucrée also makes a homemade Salted Almond Chocolate Squares. Made entirely with coconut oil and sweetened with maple syrup, the almond chocolate is arguably healthy and good for you, but you won't even care because its damn tasty. Almost like a dark chocolate fudge, the almond chocolate squares are a great balance between crunchy and velvety as well as sweet and salty, with a rich cocoa flavour to tie it all together. A must try for chocolate lovers.

With a large background in cake making and decorating, the staff at Sophie Sucrée regularly make tons of different types of cake, all with vegan and gluten-free substitutions, and will take special requests for whatever zany design you'd like on it. Also be sure to check out Sophie Sucrée's facebook and twitter feeds for updates on special events like High Teas and all-vegan brunches.

Actively detaching the term 'healthy' from gluten-free and vegan, Sophie Sucrée proves you don't have to sacrifice flavour when making foods for alternative diets.

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