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Montreal's South Shore, Boucherville Ranked #1 Place To Live In Canada

When you think of where you want to live in Canada, what comes to mind? Toronto? Vancouver? Montreal? Well according to Money Sense magazine, this inclination is all kinds of wrong. If you really want to maximize your happiness, you should move to Boucherville, Quebec.

Using a system polling together affordable housing, high income, good weather etc. Boucherville ended up snagging the title. Before Ottawa (who came in second) and definitely before the big names like Toronto (#35), Vancouver (#11) and Montreal (#161).

Looking at pictures of Boucherville, I've gotta say, it is pretty beautiful. The trimmed hedges, old churches and colourful houses make this one quaint little suburban town. That being said, I'd much rather stay in the 161st happiest city in Canada. Even if Montreal doesn't necessarily rank highly on this list of material things (money, housing, strong art community) doesn't mean it's not an incredibly happy place to live. Just sayin'.


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