Montreal's "Spiderman" Firefighters Rescue Man Who Almost Died On Mount Royal
It took the high-angle rescue team about 30 minutes to secure the man. He suffered serious injuries to his head and back and lost consciousness several times during the rescue. The location where the man fell is in the same area as where Shreyas Roy a 38-year-old surgeon at Sainte-Justine Hospital fell to his death last July. In 2014 not far from the same spot a woman slipped off a ledge while watching the sunrise with some friends. Two years earlier a man suffered serious neck and back injuries after slipping

Mount Royal is a stunning feature of the city, and it is part of what makes Montreal, Montreal. 

Between tam-tams celebrations every Sunday (on the good seasons), picnics up top by the observatory, or just hiking around it - Mount Royal is a go-to for outdoor activities and fun in Montreal. 

It is such a great feature to Montreal, even the new X-Men movie shot their final battle sequence there last summer! 

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Mount Royal is still a mountain, though, and where there is a mountain - there is a danger of falling off said mountain. 

The Montreal fire department's "Spiderman" team was deployed last night around midnight to rescue a man who fell from Mount Royal. 

It is unknown exactly what happened, but the 30-year-old man appears to have been on a densely forested path that runs alongside a cliff, of which he must have fallen from. 

At some point, the man must've lost his footing, which resulted in a 10 meter fall into the ravine. The high angle rescue team were able to secure the man after about 30 minutes. 

He has suffered "serious injuries" to his head, back and lost consciousness several times during the rescue.

Rescue operation at Mt-Royal after man left 'unconscious' in 30ft fall. Chief says man has serious head injuries. @CTVMontreal @YourMorning

May 9, 2018

Look, the mountain can be treacherous if you're not careful, and maybe walking around at night without proper light to see what your stepping on, or not stepping on rather, isn't the smartest move. 

In fact, the spot where the man had fallen is in the same area where a surgeon, Shreyas Roy, fell to his death last year. 

It is also not far from the spot a woman slipped off the ledge while watching the sunrise with some friends back in 2014. 

Points to the Firefighter's "Spiderman" team for doing their job, and doing their job well. The man is currently at the hospital, and we're hoping he is well and pulls through. 

The moral of the story here is, don't stray off the beaten path - or better yet, avoid night-time hikes altogether. There are warning signs for pedestrians in this area. 

If you're walking there, pay attention to them! 

Clearly, this spot is problematic.