Montreal's Sainte-Catherine Street In 1916

Somehow the street was in better condition than it is today.
Montreal's Sainte-Catherine Street In 1916

Whenever I find a historical picture of Montreal I'm always amazed. No matter what year the picture is dated, I ask myself: "Holy shit! They had cameras?" Then I remember I'm just an idiot.

This is Sainte-Catherine Street back in 1916, and the funniest part of this picture, is that most of the buildings still exist and somehow the streets actually look better than they do today. It also appears that there are fewer potholes, though they might still be there and they've just been filled in with horse shit.

One thing's for sure, Montreal looks awesome as usual.

Circa 1916. "St Catherine Street, Montreal, Quebec." Je me souviens. 8x10 inch dry plate glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company.

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