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Montreal's St. Henri Now Has A Brand New Burrito Restaurant

From the owners of Blackstrap comes Tejano BBQ Burrito.
Montreal's St. Henri Now Has A Brand New Burrito Restaurant

Photo cred - janetfo747 New-Nice As It Gets

Montreal's food scene is beyond magical, with plenty of options for all number of cuisines, though one type of food the city sorely lacks is the mighty burrito. Yes, we have M4, Burritoville, and Burritoshop, but that's pretty much it when it comes to getting a baby-sized burrito. Thankfully the owners of Blackstrap BBQ will now be filling the city's Chipotle-sized void with their newly opened burrito-resto Tejano BBQ Burrito in St. Henri.

Now wrapping tortillas stuffed with meat, veggies, and guac on Courcelle and Notre Dame, we heard of Tejano's opening from Eater Montreal who has provided some basic info on the resto. According to details gathered by the site, Tejano will be very burrito-focused, and similar to the infamous burrito chain Chipotle, which was an inspiration for Tejano's creation.

Tejano's operators, who also run Blackstrap, also stated that their practice of making burritos and tacos out of leftover BBQ helped spark the idea to open a burrito shop. If the meat options available at Tejano are close to Blackstrap's epic BBQ, its safe to assume the new resto's burritos will be (excuse the 90's slang) da bomb.

Get a peak inside Tejano by heading to the shop's Instagram feed here, and get more details at their Facebook page here.

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