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Montreal's St-Viateur Bagel Shop Makes Habs Bagels Now

Behold the CH Bagel.

Photo cred - St-Viateur Bagel Shop

If there's two things Montrealers love it's Habs hockey and St-Viateur Bagels, but put those two things together and you really have a beautiful thing.

Well that's exactly what the good people at St-Viateur thought to themselves and figured why not fire up a batch of CH Bagels. Sure, the O-shaped bagel will always be a classic, but what better way to support everybody's favourite team than by chowing down on the iconic CH logo in warm, doughy, sesame-seeded format. Add a little cream cheese and some smoked salmon, and now we're talking.

Unfortunately you won't be able to get your public hands on this awesomeness, as St-Viateur don't actually have the necessary rights to sell them, but they made a batch recently for fun and we just had to share.

That said, CH bagels should totally be a thing, and could possibly phase out the regular bagel completely during the hockey season. Well at least in Montreal anyway.

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