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Montreal's STM Bus Shelters Are Being Taken Over By "Pussylluminati" Propaganda

Photo cred - Miss Me

Montreal, allow us to introduce you to the Pussylluminati, a newly founded not-so-secret society of street artists that have taken over Montreal's bus shelters. Replacing the bus shelters' ad-space with their own unique brand of propaganda, the Pussylluminati are challenging modern perceptions and making the vagina into a symbol of empowerment.

The Pussylluminati, or street artist MissMe, work can be seen at two bus shelters, one on Ontario and Germain and the other on Sherbrooke East in Hochelaga. Both feature the Pussylluminati's symbol on the outside, with thought-provoking female figures on the inside.

To contextualize the project, Miss Me posted the following quote on her official website regarding the Pussylluminati :

"The real power in this World.

The one men have felt and feared from the beginning if time… Fighting it, trying to destroy it instead of understanding it and loving it.

We are all Made In Vagina."

If you aren't in Hochelaga and can't see the Pussylluminati bus shelters in person, check out the pics below, courtesy of Miss Me's Facebook page. Hopefully we'll see more from the Pussylluminati soon.

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