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Montreal's STM Bus Tracking App Is Launching In 2015

Soon you will know exactly where your bus is, always.

Photo cred - STM

Originally planned to be released late this year, the STM's real-time bus tracking system, iBUS, has been officially pushed back until 2015. And here we hoped waiting for a delayed bus this winter wouldn't be a thing.

Phillippe Schnobb, president of the STM, made the announcement of iBUS's delay last week, stating the STM wants to make sure the technological network is perfect well before the official launch, as quoted by TVA via 24 Heures.

iBUS, for those who aren't familiar, is the STM's way of allowing you to track any bus in real time, so you know exactly when it'll arrive and if there are any service delays.

According to the STM's online outline of iBUS, there will be info terminals giving arrival times at certain bus stops and metro stations, improved display systems on buses, and real-time info available on smartphone apps and online.

Knowing exactly when you're bus is going to arrive is an invaluable asset, especially in the winter, when being outside for any amount of time is just plain awful and the likelihood of a delay is much higher. Let's hope the early January timeline is kept on track, and the worst part of winter (aka February) is a little more bearable.

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