Montreal’s STM Bus Tracking App Is Launching In 2016

The city really needs this.
Montreal’s STM Bus Tracking App Is Launching In 2016

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Real-time bus tracking in Montreal is going to take a bit longer to launch than expected, again. iBus, the STM's tech-initiative to instantaneously provide all manners of public transport info to Motnrealers via smartphones and bus stops, will not be fully operational until 2016, reports Journal Metro.

President of the STM Philippe Schnobb made the announcement during a meeting of the l’Association québécoise des transports sur les villes intelligentes yesterday, making sure to let everyone know that the iBus system should be ready to go by 2016, with all the quirks ironed out.

Quite an ambitious project, the iBus system will require the creation of an app and the installation of tracking hardware to 1700 bus shelters and 8 transport centres to tell you where your bus is, according to JM, along with new electronic displays in buses telling you the next stop and "intelligent traffic lights" that can sense and react to the presence of a bus, allowing it to travel through an intersection faster.

Combined, all of the iBus innovations will allow you to travel around Montreal via the STM bus network in a much speedier manner, not having to be left in the cold waiting for a bus that will be 15 minutes late being one of the most obvious benefits. Given the complexity of the project, and the large room for error in the iBus system, waiting for the STM to perfect all the tech may be for the best.

Still, the iBus network was supposed to already be a thing by the end of this year, then was pushed back to 2015 in September, and now we're looking at a 2016 launch date. An iBus app/system that launched early but didn't work would be the worst, for sure, we're just hoping the delays end at 2016.

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