Montreal's STM Cars Now Have Free Mini Libraries

Keeping you entertained while you commute.

We all know the feeling of getting on the metro and having nothing to do but sit in silence and utter boredom until you eventually get to your stop. Well thanks to a few kind Montrealers, collectively known as "Free Shit Verdun," you may never have to suffer through that again. They've taken it upon themselves to install mini bookcases in a few metro cars to create somewhat of a common library for all of Montreal's commuters.

Not only have they set up a few of these book stations in the metro cars, but the operators of Free Shit Verdun also have a large bookshelf in front of their house at 3422 Rushbrooke where anyone in Montreal can come by and take whatever free swag they'd like - and it's not even just books. If you have anything that you no longer need, that you think someone else might want, the've been known to come and pick it up from you if you let them know.

This really is a great concept, not only because it's giving us some free entertainment, but it's also giving Montrealer's a chance to help each other out, which is always nice to see.

For more information check out the Free Shit Verdun Facebook page.

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