Montreal's STM Delays Replacement Of Its Metro Cars To 2036

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All those excited about getting brand new metro cars on every line of the STM network (which includes us) are going to have to wait a while, like, 22 years a while, as the STM has announced that the full line of AZUR metro cars will not be cruising beneath the city until 2036, reports CBC.

Somewhat of a major surprise, the reason for the double-decade long wait is, as always, money. Holding off on the new trains and keeping the old ones "will save about $500 million" points out STM Chief Executive Officer Carl Desrosiers.

But don't think the STM is simply going to keep things as is entirely. Instead of fully changing the metro system with new cars, regular maintenance work will be done to upgrade the current trains to ensure that service remains efficient, which will cost only $108 million.

While the full line of new AZUR trains has been seriously delayed, we'll still see some on the tracks next year, as previously announced. 52 AZUR trains will be set up on Orange Line, with the existing MR-73 métro cars on the Orange (and Blue) lines then being shifted over to the Green Line. Now lets hope the delays stop here, 'cuz 22 years is long enough.

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