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Montreal's STM Has A "Barber Shop" Bus? Yes, Montreal's STM Has A "Barber Shop" Bus

You know you want to get a haircut in there.

Photo cred - @operademontreal

Taking the bus is rarely a comforting experience. Catch any major route in the morning or mid-afternoon and you're in for a rough ride with tons of people, many of which may exude some peculiar odours. If only STM buses were more relaxing, or a little more spa-like. A few days ago one STM bus totally was all that and more, transformed into a full-blown day spa.

The STM, in collaboration with l'Opéra de Montréal and Movember Canada, reformatted the "BusOpéra" at Square Victoria in the morning and afternoon of October 27th, with the bus becoming a barber shop + nail bar combo. Passengers who stepped inside were offered facial hair styling, manicures, and even caricatures of themselves, though we're not really sure why that last one was in there, but why not.

If you missed the STM bus's day spa makeover like we did, check out the video below, which gives you a brief glimpse inside. Now if only we could get one of these to run the 80's route...

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