Montreal's STM Installed The Nastiest Advertisement Ever In Berri-UQAM Metro Station

Advertisers have the difficult challenge of creating eye-catching and emotionally-resonating advertising. 

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TL;DR - A hilarious and explicit advertisement for hemorrhoid cream has been spotted in Montreal's Berri-UQAM Metro. Check out the post below for all the comments. 

There's a relatively easy formula to follow for products like shampoo, cars, and cold medicine. But what about all those slightly more "embarassing" products; those need to be advertised too. But the formula for success in advertisement is not as obvious.

Exhibit A: a print ad spotted at Berri-UQUAM metro station for what appears to be a hemorrhoid cream. 

There is nothing subtle or nuanced about this advertisement. This is a up close and tight shot of what appears to be a woman's behind, who is clearly in dire need of some hemorrhoid cream herself.

To make it even more obvious, the advertisement blurb reads "stop putting your finger on the boo-boo." 

The photo was uploaded to spotted STM Facebook page just yesterday, and it's already recieved a ton of hilarious comments and feedback.

Some people are initially confused as to what exactly this image is trying to advertise, and others claim that the advertiser must have never actually suffered from hemorrhoids themselves because it's too painful to even want to touch that area.

Basically, everyone is having a good laugh. And in the end, despite the unsubtle nature of the advertisement, I guess that means it worked!