Montreal's STM Is Blaming Us For Most Of Their Service Interruptions

The STM metro system is well-known for its interruptions and delays that often cause a lot of Montrealers to be late for work or get stuck in a stationary train for like half an hour.

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And then of course as soon as you decide to get out of the metro and take the bus, the train drives away. Yeah, it`s pretty freaking maddening.

But now, somehow, they `ve released numbers that say that the delays are actually caused by the customers themselves.

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Last year alone, there were 1,171 delays on the metro system. Many of them were due to the new Azur trains. Yes, they`re pretty and the air flow feels freaking awesome on your face. Problem is, they`re not perfect yet.

So, if we want our system to be full of these futuristic-looking trains, we`re going to have to grin and bear it until their systems are completely foolproof.

Craig Sauvé, the executive committee associate member in charge of mobility for the Plante administration, is pretty shocked about how many of these issues are actually caused by customers. Regardless, he says he is sure that the STM will get a handle on everything.

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As you can see, on the STM's website, up to 50% of delays are blamed on the customers. This is mostly caused by people who stop the doors on the train from closing, by medical emergencies, or by dummies who drop something down onto the track and then jump in to get it.

Okay so the STM may have a point.  We do have our fair share of people in the metro system that make rush hour a whole lot harder than it needs to be.

The STM even had to make a new awareness campaign about dropping personal belongings onto the tracks. It happens so often that people need to know what to do.

Apparently, in 2017, 550 objects fell onto the tracks and this caused about 19 hours of service interruptions. That`s kind of ridiculous. Hold on to your stuff people!


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