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Montreal's STM Is Testing Out 6 New Kinds Of Bus Seats

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Montreal's STM Is Testing Out 6 New Kinds Of Bus Seats

Montreal's bus seats have had a pretty bad reputation over the last few years mainly over issues of cleanliness. 

The current seats are covered with an old layer of padding which causes a lot of passengers to wonder just how clean they are. 

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After all, the STM bus and metro's wipe-able surfaces rarely seem to get wiped down. So when it comes to padded seats, its hard to imagine an STM worker using a wet-vac to properly clean them. 

In fact some people refuse to sit on the seats altogether, no matter how empty the bus is. Others are convinced these seats are infested with bedbugs

But luckily for us the STM are currently testing out 6 new seating options to replace the current padded ones. 

Here's a video of people testing out the 6 new seats aboard one single bus. 

Which of these do you think would be the best replacement? 

If you would like to have an input on what seats gets chosen click here


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