Montreal's STM May Owe You $500

For once they will be paying YOU money!
Montreal's STM May Owe You $500

If you've been experiencing headaches lately because of all the STM delays, you are not alone. 

But like most of us, you probably juts accepted it's something you have to deal with, and you've moved on. But one Montreal woman isn't giving up that easily.

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Marion Croteau just filed a class action lawsuit against the STM to be compensated for the damages and inconveniences caused by the bus and metro.

via @stminfo

She wants to get back 15% of all the monthly passes she has purchased since May 2015. But if the lawsuit is accepted, anyone who bought a pass since March 2014 could be eligible for a reimbursement. 

That means if you bought a pass every month for the last 36 months, you could receive 15% of that amount back, which would be nearly $500. 

We may have to wait awhile (even up to a year) to know if the lawsuit is accepted, but by that time, we'll be able to tack on another $150 worth of passes. 


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