This Is Why The STM Metro Network Shuts Down Constantly

Any Montrealer knows that our metro system can be hit and miss. 

For those of us who rely on the metro system, you may have noticed that 2017 was pretty awful for delays and breakdowns - and the official numbers are in. 

2017 was the worst year on record for Montreal's STM metro system, and here are the numbers! 

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Montreal's STM Metro 2017 Interruptions: 

  • 1,171 interruptions lasting 5+ minutes. 25% increase over last year
  • 550 objects fell onto the tracks, causing over 19 hours of service interruptions
  • 337 incidents of blocked doors, causing 25 hours of service delays
  • 130 people going onto the tracks despite warning signs
  • according to STM, about 25 suicide attempts per year

Source: CBC

The STM only tracks longer stoppages, and the number of stoppages works out to about three per day - averaging 11 minutes and 25 seconds. 

The Orange line wins with the greatest number of interruptions. There is also a spike in interruptions during peak hours, which the STM notes as in increase in the risk of delays with more passengers travelling at that time. 

Passengers are the biggest cause of the delays, accounting for 45% of the interruptions over the last 2 years.