Montreal's STM Metro Green Line Now Has Cellphone Service

Montreal's STM Metro Green Line Now Has Cellphone Service

Photo cred - Doug Caribb

Commuters snapchatting, texting, tweeting, and updating Facebook with pointless statuses will find their morning commute fully compatible with their addiction to smartphones & social media, at least in certain parts, as sections of the Green Line are now fully equipped with cellular service.

A full blown 4G LTE network is available to anyone riding the Green Line between McGill and Guy-Concordia station. Yeah, it's one of the shortest distances between stations, but, hey, when you need to send that super important text, you'll recognize what a blessing this is.

The entirety of Montreal's metro network will be getting similar cellular treatment, a project that will cost $50 million, according to the Gazette. Thankfully, the cellphone companies involved (Telus, Bell, Rogers, Vidéotron) will be picking up the tab.

Don't expect cell service throughout the metro system anytime soon though, as the process is reportedly taking much longer (initial finish date was early 2014) due to the fact that this is the first subway-cellphone network installed by the participating companies. The completion date isn't set for another five to seven years.

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